The Art of Touch

Hearts, memories, traditions

At Illa Experience Hotel in Quito, Ecuador, we believe that in order to experience the true luxury of a Quito’s Old Town, and a luxury boutique hotel, it is important to connect to our senses.

“Touch has a memory, touch is a language on its own, it is the first language we have all first learned. Through touch we learn, we connect, we are able to change.”

At Illa Experience Hotel, we prioritize experiences to be felt by all of those who set foot in our luxury boutique hotel. We understand the importance and value of touching people’s hearts and memories by letting them feel our essence and culture through the luxury of experiences authentic to Quito’s historic centre.

Painting | Illa Experience Hotel

Touching Hearts

“Because change and evolution is not flat, that is why we at Illa Experience Hotel aim to renovate travel in Quito, Ecuador, and South America. The second formula in our Illa Method is renovation. Not only through renovating travel are we redefining the way luxury experiences should be transmitted, but we renovate the way in which our story of our home and our family is told. “

Touching Memories

The beauty behind memories is that they remain vivid, active in our minds even when we do not notice it. How do we touch memories? By digging deep into those feelings that cause us happiness, nostalgia, love, and joy. Through our daily experiences, we create memories that will ignite those feelings within you by interacting with our Quito vecinos, or neighbours, our Ecuadorian artisans and artists that love and share our culture with you.

Bordando | Ecuador

Touching Traditions

Traditions are meant to be touched, felt, shared with for them to live in eternity. At Illa we believe that traditions are what make us who we are, shape our mentalities and shape our way of thiking. One of the most pure and genuine ways to travel is by touching your destination’s traditions, and that can only be done by interacting with its people. Opening your heart to someone else’s heart as they share with you their work, their past, and their story.

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