The secret to remembering is to care

Our past, our roots, our traditions

A luxury hotel in Quito is often detached from a story, from a real past. A luxury hotel in San Marcos, Quito, for us means more than just a boutique hotel. To us at Illa Experience Hotel, we honor our past by remembering it:

“Remembering with love, with care, with passion is a virtue that we should talk about more. Remembering is a divine gift that brings life to what could have been forgotten and undermined. Remembering is the ability to see the world different, to honor it better. It is the virtue to play music in our hearts when hearing a collection of sounds. It is the talent of tasting through scents and odours, of travelling back in time. The opportunity to travel to a place where you felt, emotions and feelings that you forgot had evoked so much happiness, joy, melancholy, and love within you.”

Grandma carpets | Illa experience Hotel | Quito - Ecuador

At Illa Experience Hotel

“At Illa Experience Hotel, we remember with care, love and admiration. We admire and aspire to share the talent and value from our roots, from our traditions and culture. So rich in memories, so rich in feelings. That is what we want to evoke within you, we want you to remember our essence, our people, our hard-work and passion. We want you to remember to live and share”

We remember

The beauty about remembering is that it allows your heart to become vulnerable in one of the most pure and precious ways. We remember how a cup of coffee in the Old Town of Quito, or in our home kitchens, meant a table surrounded with a family, with laughter and chatter. How a warm soup meant a relieving and cozy feeling after a long cold day at school. How a pair of flower scented blankets meant a mother who was always there to make us feel at home. How a floral and fruity scent takes us back to our mother´s open arms and warm hugs. We remember to live, to share, to grow. At Illa Experience Hotel, we remember the traditions and the values behind the Old Town of Quito in Ecuador and its families to honor them by bringing them back into our luxury boutique hotel.

Grandma carpets | Illa experience Hotel | Quito - Ecuador