Today’s Entreé: The Concept behind Disrupted

Illa Experience Hotel | Luxury Quito Hotel

“Being disrupted is being different in such a similar world.”

When we think about Illa, we don’t think about a normal hotel because somehow the idea of a typical hotel is disrupted. We know that the usual and common gets boring and that is why experiences should always be new, every moment we encounter, every page in a book should disrupt our minds in the most beautiful, subtle and elegant way.

A grandma playing X-Box, a baby using an Ipad, a businessman wearing sweatpants and a kid helping a grandpa crossing the street are all disrupted. In fact, when we look back, sit down and reflect upon our society. We will find more people, more characters playing in our story. We are all disrupted and it is so beautiful.

Being disrupted should not be a fear but a charm indeed, being disrupted is Illa.

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