Today will take place the traditional proclamation for the festivities of Quito


Today will take place the traditional proclamation for Quito’s festivities.

Among the 400 events scheduled for the festivities of Quito this year, the traditional Proclamation stands out. According to the official schedule presented by municipal authorities, this event will take place today November 26, 2021, from 19:00, in the Plaza de San Francisco.

According to Mayor Santiago Guarderas, “Quito is ready to celebrate 487 years of foundation. A reunion with the public space, with family and friends”.

The main objective for the celebration of these festivities is the economic reactivation, especially in the cultural and artistic sector.

The proclamation of Fiestas de Quito is framed in the heritage area, in order to instill in the population, joy, encouragement and desire to continue working for this city. These activities are carried out by the Metropolitan Institute of Heritage (IMP), this municipal instance structured the program from an artistic and musical direction that is inclusive.

The proclamation is divided into blocks:

Block 1: which will last approximately 30 minutes: Ñucanchi Allpa National Folkloric Ballet and the Chamber Orchestra will participate, with 20 musicians.

Block 2: which will last 55 minutes: Pancho Terán, In Concierto, Karla Kanora and the Chamber Orchestra (20 musicians), Quito Eterno will be on stage, as well as the casts of the Fundación Teatro Nacional Sucre (Grupo Yavirac and Octeto del Coro Mixto Ciudad de Quito). At the end of this block there will be a mapping with music by Martha Psycho.

Block 3: whose duration will be 45 minutes. Participants: Martha Psycho, ‘Las Marujas’ (theater), National Ballet of Ecuador and Carlos Grijalva.

Block 4: estimated to last 1 hour 45 minutes, with the participation of: Quito Eterno, Banda Municipal, ‘Las Marujas’ (theater), Ballet Nacional del Ecuador and Carlos Grijalva: Banda Municipal, Banda de Los Bomberos, Juanita Burbano and Los Cumbancheros.

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In this way, the festivities will begin with a ‘Quito to share 2021’.

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