Time to rethink


It seems like the past decades had changed the way the world worked. It is not hard to realize how fast society was changing exponentially. Some may say that all of this change was bad and others say it was good. Truth is, we can list hundreds of arguments that back up both aforementioned statements and the result would be the same; there is no certain answer regarding what is right and what is wrong.

The only thing that we can surely be certain about is that we are such small beings compared to the world we live in. History and evolution have shown us that we, humans, always seek development and change and we have achieved it indeed. Just look at all of the accomplishments and inventions that have risen ever since the industrial revolution. We turned from going to the libraries to find our favorite books to googling everything from our comfortable seat. We made crossing borders easier than ever, we were one ticket away from almost any place of the world. We made going to a store almost unnecessary by getting accustomed to delivery services and online shopping. Without a doubt, humans have changed and so have our habits.

Growth and development seemed inevitable for us; the longer that time passed, the more impatient that humans got about consumption. Well, it looks like our world has told us to re-think a little and stop. Funny enough, all of those things that got us impatient a few months ago are now just irrelevant.

We are staying at home and we should see it as a blessing. I am sure you have seen it somewhere in the news that our Earth is thanking us by delighting us with clear waters in Venice, clear skies in what used to be the most polluted cities in the world, endangered species like the marine tortoises hatching in several beaches, amongst others. It is a blessing because it is a sign that calls for action: time to re-think.

Now more than ever it is time to realize that our world needs to be taken care of and the best way to do so, is through sustainability and awareness. Once life goes back to its busy schedule, we need to go back to it in a conscious and smart way. I invite you all to re-think about our habits now and design our future. Evolution and development are two factors that will always be inevitable to humankind, but the way in which we approach them is something we individuals can shape and restructure.

1.Re-think our health habits

One of the most important things that this quarantine time has taught us is the importance of our health. It is time to listen to our bodies, take care of them and respect them because they are our rocks, they are the medium that enables us to accomplish our goals. By taking care of them through an immune booster, non-inflammatory, organic diet we are ensuring a good future for us and for those who surround us.

In my case, my way of re-thinking my health habits looks like a diet full of fresh fruit, vegetables and I have started to reduce my added sugar intake (it’s hard, I know, but doable).

Healthy habits

2. Re-think travel

Probably one of the nicest things that I have come to conclude is this one: re-thinking travel. For me, traveling had and will always be one of the nicest industries to work in, not only because it allows us to discover ourselves while discovering new borders and cultures but because of its sustainable concept. Of course, time shaped it a little different and mass traveling became more common and popular. Now, I can say with confidence that the world wants to be discovered but sustainably. For that reason, it is important to travel to those places that remind us about the beauty of our Earth in a more tailored way, taking care of the environment, taking care of the destination and its people.

I will personally book myself a cruise in the Galapagos Islands, I think it is the perfect way to find all my inner peace that seems to be all over right now, while at the same time witnessing the importance of conservation and species.

Galapagos wildlife

3. Re-think consumption

This one might be the hardest for many people now. Our society had shaped the way we consume in such a massive and aggressive way that buying without awareness was becoming trendier than many other important aspects in our life.

Surely consumption is not the antagonist of any imaginary movie, on the other hand when used right, it can become one of our closest friends. Every time we go shopping, we should ask ourselves what is in there for us: does it help my health? Does my purchase help a community? Was this product fairly traded? Do I need it? If we can answer those questions in the blink of an eye with confidence, then our habits will soon change and will start re-designing the way we shop and help not only our budgets but the world.


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