Three Photography Tips in Quito

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So, first of all. Have you ever googled “Quito” in the search of landscapes, attractions, food among others. We all know those pictures were the result of a good angle, good lighting and probably a good camera.

Well, the story somehow changes when we talk about Quito and Photography. Even though it may sound weird and unusual, Quito is a mysterious city that in order to capture its essence, one must have some extra tips by their side. This post will briefly summarize the three main tips that both travelers and citizens may find useful in order to capture Quito’s beauty on their lens.

1. Be aware of the time

In order to get a good shot, you must be confident with the place that you are working with. This place will be your canvas.
For this reason, the best times to capture Quito are the following:
– 5h00, yes, it is early but there is nothing more beautiful than taking a shot of the clear skies, the wonderful colors and the morning breeze in your lenses.
– 10h00, even though this time is crowded, you will be cherishing Quito’s commercial and industrial side.

2. Go to the downtown area

Not only will this area be the spot where history can be encountered but downtown Quito is the perfect place to see the authentic Quito. Your camera will not only be capturing business people going to work in their cars, but you will see kids walking to their schools, parents do their groceries and families taking a walk while laughing.

3. Interact with locals and make them your photo-protagonists

What makes a picture good is the fact that it shows you life and love in real life. For this reason, when you are taking pictures in Quito try to talk to the people that surround you. It is most likely that they will not only smile back, but that they will want to share a beautiful moment with a small, short-talk. Once you are both laughing and exchange emotions and thoughts, then this will be the perfect smile to capture in your camera.

Yeah, we know you were probably expecting some technical tips regarding photography, and there will be posts regarding this (keep updated!) but we thought that this topic should also be approached in a disrupted way due to the fact that photography is exactly this post. It is different, it is disrupted, it is unusual.

“You don’t take a photograph. You make it.” – Ansel Adams

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