The Essence in Traveling

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We often associate the term ”travel” to vacation and leisure time but is it really just a word that describes our time off and holiday? Well, yes and no.

Feel with Ease

“We have nothing to lose and a world to see.”

When we travel somewhere, we become one with nature. Our legs become street wanderers; our eyes become diligent as those from an eagle; our hands become sensitive to all the new things we hold; our nose turns into a scent radar collecting all flower scents and perfumes and our hearts open up to new people, new faces, and new smiles.

But, what about the essence?
The feeling we get when we see someone we love, the way we react to a certain moment, the way we yawn when we wake up, the faces we do when we are bored, the jokes that we laugh to and the movies that we cry to; all of these teeny-tiny details define our essence.

The beautiful thing behind this is that our essence changes as we move throughout life. So, when you make that decision to travel somewhere. You are making a decision to see the world through different eyes and once we accept that, our hearts will feel different and react different.

”All glory begins from the daring to begin”

I am not saying we should change our essence, because it is beautiful the way it is. I am however saying that traveling will give you and your heart that extra feeling, that extra emotion, that extra courage that we all need.

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