What to do in Quito, Ecuador at Night? Activities, Attractions and Secrets

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When we are traveling our days are packed with activities, tours, walks and attractions that will surprise you and leave you speechless from all of the knowledge and new culture that we are probably immersing our minds into.

However as the dawn starts to come and the night starts to arrive, there might be some times where we feel a little bit lost and confused. There are so many activities to choose from but when the time of selecting the best activity a lot of doubts and confusion may come to our minds.

It is normal to feel a little lost in a new travel destination due to the fact that tourists see often the outer face of a city. This is when TripAdvisor, Google and other platforms come into play as a backup and trust tool to find new places. Hence we have decided to dedicate this post for all those activities that Quito has to offer.

Regardless of its small size and its short population, Quito is such a varied city with many activities on the tables for all kinds of tastes and publics. In the following article, we will talk you through three different options that will definitely cheer you up and enjoy Quito by night.

1. Guapulo, the neighborhood on a hill

Correct, you heard it right. Guapulo is located within the district of Quito and just 15 minutes away by car from the downtown area of Quito. There are many things that draw your attention when you arrive in this town.

First of all its composition; all houses are located in the road that connects the valley of Cumbaya to Quito. Surprising enough this road is located in a narrow hill. All houses found in Guapulo are decorated and constructed in such a detailed and beautiful structure. The main plaza for instance is small, yet so captivating by looking at the locals walking around while drinking an ice cream.

The art found in this town is breathtaking, you will be surrounded by a combination of vivid colors and subtle colors all put in harmony onto a mural. The techniques used by the artists are all different meaning that you will not be bored by a common sense of art. As many art-lovers it is very likely that you like to appreciate this art with a good glass of wine, some music and good food, that is when Guapulo comes in again. There is a variety of restaurants and cafeterias where you can enjoy tasteful live music while drinking an excellent glass of wine and some fine appetizers and traditional dishes while enjoying the beautiful view of the entire city.

A town full of life, color and culture; that is Guapulo.


2. La Floresta

Just as Guapulo, La Floresta is another small neighborhood located in the northern part of Quito where good music, excellent food and wonderful and varied art pieces along with theatre can be enjoyed.

One of the good things of La Floresta is that you will find yourself in a calm and tranquil environment surrounded by wonderful people and a variety of offerings to the public. For those who want to treat themselves with a good meal and wonderful environment, then La Floresta is the place to be. You will have Ecuadorian food with excellent chefs that are mixing and creating different techniques to portray our Ecuadorian cuisine as one of the best. However if your appetite is looking for something a little bit more varied and international then you will have also many restaurants available for you such as Japanese, Peruvian, American among others. The price ranges vary from cheap to reasonable, but the experience and ambiance you will get is wonderful.

Once you have enjoyed your meal, you can distract your mind and your body while watching an Ecuadorian film at the OchoyMedio Cinema which offers a variety of classic and local films for all kinds of public. The films found here will always differ from those at the regular cinemas as these are focused on the cultural, historical and even poetic side of the film industry. However, if you are feeling like you want to interact a little bit more then you can always look at the offers from the Casa Toledo. This is a local theatre that has always comedy stand-ups, theatre plays and even music. You will enjoy a different and creative night here!

La Floresta
La Floresta

3. San Marcos

For those who do not want to leave the beautiful historic centre of Quito, then do not be afraid of being stuck inside your hotel once the commercial hour has stopped. San Marcos is located in the downtown area of Quito and within an 8-10 minute walking distance from the Presidential Plaza. This small neighborhood located in the Junin Street is probably one of the few, if not the only, living neighborhoods in the old Quito. Just by walking around San Marcos you will see life. Families walking around the street, sitting on the main plaza talking about their daily problems and stories, kids playing soccer in the street. It is the type of neighborhoods we always identify Quito with, yet is hard to see nowadays in such a globalized world.

Besides from the originality and uniqueness of San Marcos, it has a high cultural value to offer to those seeking a different night. From unique to cafeterias with delightful drinks and traditional food to the culture and history found in the Water Colour Museum or the Architecture Museum.

San Marcos

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