Perfect Hotspot for a Grandpa-Grandkids Moment


Walk around Quito, travel around Quito and I bet that you will encounter at least one old man or woman. But, do you ever think about what these people are doing? Well, let me tell you that a whole lot of them is sure getting ready to meet their grandkids.

The term Quito is often associated to tourism, trade and commerce. But is it really? This weekend we proved Quito’s stereotyped to be wrong. Quito is somehow the perfect place for grandkids to enjoy a lovely time with their grandpa such as a haircut in the main plaza.

The hairdresser in the main plaza has probably more knowledge about Ecuadorian politics than all of us do as he has not only seen many of our presidents, but he is the one who has styled, cut and trimmed many of their hairdos. But that is not what makes this incredible, surprised am I right? Grandpas do not take their kids due to the politicians this guy has seen but due to the whole experience that one can witness in this hairdresser.

Grandkids get excited by the way the hairdresser analyzes thoroughly the hair he is going to cut. Grandkids admire the effort and time that is put into every tiny detail. From the classic vintage scissors to the cologne and the shaving cream, every detail draws the grandkids’ attention. While they cherish the moment, the grandfather looks at his beloved grandkids with love and empathy. He sees their innocence and is thrilled by it, he is surrounded by tenderness, warmth and affection.

This is Quito, it goes beyond the Panecillo and the Canelazo. Quito is looking at a Grandpa with his grandkids, laughing and joking around. Quito is alive.

So, if you want to feel Quito live we recommend you to visit these hairdressers in the Main Plaza. Try to capture families sharing a moment and why not, join them and create your moment of joy.

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