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People have gotten accustomed to make work a sort of daily routine. Nobody realizes that work should be everything but a routine. If everyone were to realize that work reflects passion and effort, then I bet we would always see smiles instead of dull faces on our way to work. Wouldn’t we?

For today’s post, I would like to introduce you to Mario. A man who will show you how work is a process of dream-built passions and not a routine, because Quito is full of people like him, people who work and love.

Have you ever looked at a piece of furniture and ever wondered its story? To be honest, I do not think anyone has done that in his or her life. The truth is that once we have something, we do not question its past but its present, from the moment you own it onwards.

My answer would have never changed if I had not met Mario, the man who made me look at wood as art. For you to understand me, then you will probably have to understand his story.

Wood has surrounded Mario his entire life, but it was twenty years ago where he decided to make wood a part of his life. Even though he did not have the desired amount of money to start off his business, he decided to risk it all. Something inside him told him that it was going to be ok, that it was going to be alright and so he did.

For Mario, wood is what keeps him alive, and I can assure you that if you would have looked at his eyes while he said those words, you would believe him as much as I do.

Mario believes that each of us has a radiant essence within ourselves, an essence that cannot be touched nor hurt because it is the purest thing one possesses. That purity and light deserve to be known by the entire world, and for that reason Mario chose wood as his canvas to show people’s essence.

The fact that he can turn something old, rustique and ancient into something vivid is what drives his days.

All of that passion, all of those dreams are then delicately taken care of by Mario. From the moment that he chooses the wood to the moment that he carves every tiny little detail while polishing them, Mario shows us just how beautiful work is.

“Mario is part of us , he is ILLA, and we could not be any happier to have happy people creating happiness for happy souls.”

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