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Quito is one certain tourist destination due to its beautiful landmarks, the fact that it has the largest downtown area in South America, its people and its colors. We could in fact say that Quito is a white canvas where its people and landmarks are its colors. Discovering new people with new shades and tones is one of the most beautiful things I encounter here in Quito and today I encountered José, a real Quitologist!

A Quitologist is someone that becomes one with the city’s pillars, streets and windows. That means this person feels the strengths and weaknesses from those who lean on it and tries to provide support, just as pillars do. This person records people’s steps and destinations, spying vividly the reasons behind their paths, because that is what streets do right? Finally this person’s eyes act as windows, witnesses to the most beautiful and interesting moments such as first kisses, first hugs and first hellos.

This is José, a man who thought medicine and saving lives was gonna be his daily routine. However as he walked in the streets of Quito, he was overwhelmed by the history that gives life to the city. When he talks to us, he tells more than just a story, he turns his words into passion and bliss.

Two minutes in the park, yes, that is all it took José to realize that San Marcos was the place where he was going to do what he loves! Be a Quitologist. He knew this place was the one where inhabitants, even in the middle of the 21st century, are accustomed to buy their groceries not in the market but at the neighbor’s place because going to her place is not only the best place to get fresh produce but the perfect excuse to talk. He was conscious that this small neighborhood was the place where your shoes needed to be polished at the shoemaker’s, where your suit for that special-certain occassion needs to be tailored at the one and only Tailor, where your 5pm coffee needs to be drunk at the cafeteria next door while reading today’s news.

” José loves authenticity and originality because behind these two characteristics, passion, determination, love and history are found. José is disrupted and different. José is Illa. “

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