Is there luxury behind the Millennials?

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Messy, revolutionary, different and complex? Yes, these are some of the words that may pop-up to our head when we think about millennials. This generation is probably the one that has changed our century the most and why? They wear sweatpants to work, they stopped eating meat and switched to vegan, they take pictures of their food before they eat it, to name a few.

Some may consider them to be disorganized and cheap but are they really? The term cheap is often linked to bad quality, quick, on-the-go and common. Reflecting upon this term, we cannot really link it to millennials. We see them with the latest cameras, the latest smartphones and the fanciest vintage clothes which we all know are not that cheap.

Millenials traveling

So, there is luxury behind them right?
Yes! Let’s look at the facts: Millennials travel, eat healthy, are digital, dress well and most of all different. All these features belong to the luxury term; treating yourself and traveling. The trick behind their way of luxury is that they are not necessarily looking for a brand, they are looking for the experience behind the brand.

“EXPERI(M)ENT(I)AL: (Mi)llennial, the generation that disrupts experiments in order to turn them into memorable experiences”

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