The House in Quito with a different and quirky story

Las casas

Every place in the world has a past that acts as a symbol of identity and authenticity. History is not just something that belongs to big museums and old architectures but it is something that represents espiritual value. For instance, let’s take Machu Picchu as an example. Of course, its value goes back to the architectural genious, the Incas, and their way of thinking in order to arrange everything in such a symmetrical and useful way. However what the ruins really represent are glory, power, intelligence and families working together towards a common goal. It is truly beautiful to see how such small details have a meaningful purpose and definition behind them.

There are many buildings, many museums, among others that have breathtaking background stories that blow us away. However somehow we have allocated all of them in the downtown area and we have not really paid attention to Quito as a whole.

Therefore I would like to introduce you to the House 1000. I know you might be questioning yourself now and probably thinking “Is this even worth me reading?”- Well, let me answer that question with one word: YES!

While walking through the streets of northern Quito, the most common thoughts that might pop into our mind are: modern, contemporary, different, a little odd and rushed. None of them are wrong because even I, myself, think in the same way.

The thing is that since our brains have somehow associated history with of course, the historical centre of Quito, then when we leave that area our thoughts leave as well from that spectrum.

My way of thinking was however impressed by one sunny day in Quito. I was walking through the streets of La Floresta, one of my favorite little neighborhoods in Quito, thinking about the next film to watch on my to-do list at Ocho y Medio.

Since I was not in a hurry nor stressed out, I started to look around (something which we should all do to free our minds from those daily duties) and I was impressed by a big abandoned house that crossed my path.

The house itself was not new to me. My mind had already seen that house but had for some reason archived it in the back of my memories. Probably it was left out due to the fact that I might have just associated this barroque house to an old abandonded house.

Despite this, seeing this house on that precise day made me portray it in a whole different level. The design of the house has some traces of Spanish and mediterranean influence. There is something to it that made me picture the house as a happy family place, a little wealthy I must say, yet with high cultural preferences. Therefore, that made me think back on it and reflect a little more. The house has been abandoned for over a decade and it is located in such bohemian and beautiful place.

The fact that it is probably wanted by so many realtors and architects (and I think I am right according to the guard that has been in charge of looking after it for more than a decade, made me question its meaning. If it has not been sold nor refurbished, then it might be meaningful and symbolic.

While asking around and looking for someone who might know its past, its history, I was not able to obtain straight answers to my doubts. However I discovered some beautiful and intriguing facts that made me go back in time.

According to different sources, the house was left more than 10 years ago by a mother and her son. No one really knows where they went nor why they went as they were as silent as the night and did not say anything. However, there is someone who comes once in a while to change the locks of the house.

Perhaps we will never get to meet this lady and her son but hearing those comments made me picture this house as something so loved and wanted. It could be that this little abandoned house means the bond between a mother and a child or the strength of how family remains powerful and standing regardless the obstacles and problems.

So that was house #1000, the house with no meaning yet so much meaning. I invite you to visit it and come up with your story, let your mind go back in time and come up with as many dreams and theories as you want.

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