The Disrupted Way: How to spot an Ecuadorian 101

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In such a small country, Ecuador has a greater diversity than what you would normally think. Plus, with globalization on top of us it is more likely that you will encounter at least one Ecuadorian in your life! So here, we’ll give you 5 easy steps on how to recognize us!

”Ecuadorians are humble yet luxurious, simple yet sassy, elegant yet casual. Ecuadorians disrupt stereotypes.”

1. We will run after a bus hoping it will stop for us
Yeah, we do not want to risk being even more late! Surprisingly enough, the bus comes always two minutes before we reach the bus stop. So, we run and scream ”Pare,pare!” meaning ”Stop, stop!” in the hope that the bus driver will have mercy and stop for us.

2. We always buy bread before going back home
It is just that we take the “give us our daily bread” from the Our Father very serious and that is why bread cannot be missing for our coffee at 5pm or our breakfast.

3. We make the birthday-buddy bite the cake
If we are at a birthday party, we cannot really call it a birthday party without having someone’s face smashed against a cake will we cheer up ”Que muerda el pastel, que muerda el pastel!”, meaning ”that he or she bites the cake!”. When we think about it, this is our way of peer pressure.

4. We will act as if we were specialized travel agents
Regardless of whether we have only visited our city or the entire country, we will always try to sell the beauty that is found in Ecuador. We will talk about everything to show you Ecuador’s worth; from the most luxurious places and luxury travel experiences to the ‘huecas’ or hideouts that we, locals, know about. And we will never forget to talk about #AllYouNeedIsEcuador

5. We will become experts at cooking our typical dishes
Ceviche, bolones, tigrillo, encocados or just a simple soup! We will do anything and pay anything for a tiny piece of flavour that takes us back home. That is how much we love Ecuador.

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