¿De qué le sirvo el Juguito mi Reina?

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If you are reading this post, it can only mean that you are either intrigued by the title or you already know what I am talking about. To all those who do know what the title is about, then I am sure you have imagined a certain someone in your head.

That certain someone, I would like to describe in a special way so that you can draw this person inside your head. First of all, this person is a woman. She has a beautiful smile on her face, she will be standing up on her booth at the market. She will be surrounded by a set of jars of different colors and textures.

Juice | Ecuadorian foodYou will be intrigued by all those colors and by that smiling woman, so you will get a little closer and you will discover a beautiful experience. I do not want to spoil the whole experience for you so I will give you a little taste of it.

Be prepared to feel flattered like never before!

Queen, king, bombon, pretty and handsome: those are some of the flattering words you will experience while talking to the beautiful and most expert saleswoman from the juicery. Yes, I am not exaggerating. Be ready to have a free therapy on self-love just by standing near the booth, you will discover all those qualities you didn’t even know you had!

Go to the booth and explore all the ingredients

Once you experienced the beautiful flattering, go to the booth where you will be amazed by all the different colors from all the different natural juices you will have at your disposal. Examine all of the options that you will be able to mix and match, create your perfect combination of flavours. My favorite personally is the alfalfa-naranjilla and egg juice. Why? Well, all grandmothers in Quito recommend a good old Alfalfa (an organic Ecuadorian herb) to boost your iron intake and improve your immune system, and let me tell you. Once you drink it, you will sure feel boosted up!

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Get the best advice from the expert

I know you may get probably so confused by the amount of options that you will have, but you will not need to worry because apart from being the world’s best flatterers, these women are juice specialists. Just talk to them and tell them what your favorite tastes are, how you are feeling and what you want to improve in your health system. They will not only advise you on your perfect match, but they will entertain you with a short story about themselves.

Got the juice? Take a seat and enjoy

Now, there it is. You will get a nutritional juice made with organice fruits and with superfoods such as Maca, Moringa, Aloe Vera to boost your energy to overpower your day! Take a seat on the tables right next to the booth or take it to your work or to your next activity, but take with a smile because you would have just experienced one of the cheapest yet most nutritious and most flattered juice in the entire world!

“Iñaquito, Mercado Central, San Agustin, Sangolqui and more, enter like a normal person and be prepared to leave as the most flattered Queen in Ecuador!.”

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