Colorful Silence in San Marcos during Good Saturday

San Marcos Neighborhood Quito

The Solitude of Mary, that is what was cherished during this procession. To all those who this term remains unknown or unfamiliar, we are happy to guide you through it.

You might be a little confused now after reading the title of this article.

– “Colorful” and “Silence” ? What could they possibly mean? -Those are the words that are probably wondering around your mind by now and I couldn’t argue against it. When we think about the word silence , we usually think about loneliness, peace, respect and soberness.

Let me tell you that your thoughts are not far from being completely on spot. The Solitude of Mary contemplates the Virgin Mary’s silence after her son died. As with any mother around the world, one of the worst pains is to lose your one and only love. Mary was aware of her destiny and that makes her a brave and admirable woman. In honor to her strength and suffering, we owe her silence.

San Marcos and Illa Experience Hotel knew how to approach this silence in a disrupted way. Mary should not remain in her silence alone, by herself because at the end she ascended to heaven. Hence, she should be cherished in all of her light and life.

Due to this reason, colors and dances were the main events that accompanied Mary in her solitude. Both of these events are signs of love, admiral and faith towards our Virgin Mary. Through these beautiful gestures we showed how Mary will always remain alive and that she is with us as long as we have her in our hearts.

Colorfull silence | San Marcos

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