Back in Time: Different View, Same Quito

Ecuadorian traditions

One of the most beautiful things about time is that it allows you to travel. We are not talking about just traveling somewhere but instead the disrupted concept of traveling: traveling through life. Despite this, somehow we have lost the value of the aforementioned concept.

Due to this reason, we believe that giving you another perspective on Quito is better than telling you Trip Advisor’s Top 10 Attractions. This time, we want to show you how to turn into a 20st Century kid in today’s Quito.

1. Juice it up at “Los Jugos de la Sucre”
Right after school, all kids end up either exhausted or even happier. Anyhow, there was never the not-perfect moment to refreshen the children’s hardest day ever with a natural juice made from fresh ingredients. The Juices from The Sucre have been in the business for more than 35 years!

2. Watch the Race of the Wooden Carts face to face
This is probably one of the events that bonds families the most and we say it out of experience. These wooden carts are taken as the perfect excuse for sons and fathers to get together. These races take place once a year and they are more than worth it as you get to witness not a career, not a race but passion and family union.

3. Eat the famous “Sanduche de Pernil” or “Pork Sandwich”
The perfect snack! That was the main reason behind the action of buying the sandwich for you and your friends. Even though none of the kids ate the salad and tomato, the pork was always the reward and somehow they always paid entirely.

“Those were some three quick tips and hints on what is coming. Remember it is how you see it and not what you see.”

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