The Arupo and the Ecuadorian Woman


Beautiful, sassy, big, proud and unique. What am I talking about, you ask? The woman or the tree?

Growing up in Ecuador as a woman has been more of a experience rather than a stage through life. Amongst these memories that I have, the image of an Arupo comes as clear as crystal water. An Arupo is more than just the native tree of Ecuador, it is me and all the Ecuadorian women. If you are wondering how, then this upcoming section will sure be of your interest.

The arupo is a tall tree which always aims higher, just like a woman.
A woman is proud and stands tall because she knows she is worth and she is gold.
Birds and hummingbirds fight for its delicate branches as it wants to grow,
Children and family fight for a mother\s core. The arupo is changing, it is never satisfied somehow. We can water it somedays more and it could make it happy or upset. Sounds familiar? Yes, the Ecuadorian woman can never be really read and that makes it beautiful. She never really knows that she does not know what she wants at all. But even behind that confusion and those ups and down, she remains to be the most beautiful among them all, just like the arupo among all the other trees.

Both flourish the moment you least expect them to do, both need water, that love fuel for those dry days. Both irradiate their fragrance and make everyone surrounding them fall in love. Both are sassy but silent.

So, what can we do? Complicated answer in fact. My advise as an Ecuadorian woman herself: do not try to understand us because neither of us really do, love us and support us because once we have those two little things, you will see us flourish with all of our hidden beauty, color and essence more.

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