5 Most interesting streets to walk in Quito


Quito is a very walkable city, although the capital of Ecuador is located at 2800 mts. of altitude above sea level, if you pace yourself out, drink lots of water and catch your breath here and there you will be rewarded with the cultural blend and amazing vibe of this bustling colonial city.

Many plazas and museums are all within a walking distance and allow visitors to be awe inspired by the beautiful and eclectic colonial architecture. Here are our favourite street to take a stroll in Quito:

The street of the 7 Crosses (Calle Garcia Moreno)

It is hard for any city to beat this one, you have 7 churches, each with a stone cross at its entrance on a street that unites 2 hills that in pre – Inca times each housed the temple of the sun and moon respectively.


Calle Junin (San Marcos Noighborhood)

This is a true gem, one of the most traditional neighborhoods in Ecuador´s capital, San Marcos, is mainly made up of 1 street: Junin. There are 3 museums, oleo galleries, puppet shows, traditional produce minimarkets, beautiful boutique hotels and a couple of the cities best restaurants.

Quito | Ecuador

La Guaragua (The Adornment)

This street is also a neighborhood, perhaps the smallest in the city, it is pedestrian only and its stairway also leads to the interesting Mercado de la plaza Arenas.

Quito | Ecuador

24th of May Boulevard

Years ago this used to be a dangerous area and was considered a slum, nowadays one of the most picturesque streets in the city with access to the main museum and a walkable back bone of the city center

Quito | Ecuador

Mariscal Foch

This street is located in the mid-town Quito in the more modern touristy area, it houses several restaurants, bars and is one of the centers for night entertainment.

Quito | Ecuador

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