3 Ecuadorian Boutiques that will glam your Outfits

Ecuador colors

We all know a good outfit becomes a good outfit when it represents your identity, your essence and basically you. That is why my favorite outfit is different to my best friend’s outfit, to my sister’s outfit or to anyone else’s. This vivid difference amongst tastes and trends is what makes our society the perfect canvas to find your own shade of a color.
Speaking about canvas, let’s talk about Ecuador. When we talk about colors and tastes, Ecuador could probably be the best example. This country is not only beautiful because of its cuisine, colors, travel, flowers amongst others. In fact, Ecuador is beautiful due to the fact that its people take all those colors, flavors, tones and use them as inspiration such as for fashion.

If you want to show your identity, your essence, you, then these three boutiques are your go-to stores so play close attention to the following:

1. Mayta & Co.

This beautiful boutique, managed by four specialists, focuses on originality and style. The beauty behind their style is that they work as a community. How? Their styles are based on national and international art. In their designs you will not only see a beautiful perfect-fit outfit but you will see a local artist’s piece of work and fused with different colors and textures.

2. Mane Silva

Her styles and models will not only capture your attention but also your heart. The beautiful detail behind Mane Silva’s designs is that you see her love portrayed in all of her designs. The fact that she is inspired by indigenous artwork does not only reflect her love towards her country but her love towards her people. Go to her shop to see true artwork being portrayed into beautiful patterns that will make you fall in love!

3. Makiatto

If you go to this place, then trust me when I say this, you will be drawn to their shoes. The designs you will find here are synonyms to uniqueness and different. Standing out, excelling and being different is more than granted with these shoes. Plus, buying here is a complete experience. From the moment you enter the store, you will be guided by the actual family who will talk with you in the most familiar and loving way. This totally upgrades your shopping experience am I right?

If you are still reading this article by now, then you were probably captivated by the styles, the stories and the fashion you just saw. I know! Ecuador is a place full of surprises and it is in our hands to support all of our industries. Fashion is not about brands, it is about inspiration and dreams.

Make sure to visit them and leave a comment if you would like to discover more must places to visit in Ecuador!

“Those were some three quick fashion tips and hints on what is coming. Remember it is how you see it and not what you see.”

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