San Marcos Quito Ila Experience Hotel
5 minutes walking

From Plaza Grande

5 minutes walking

From important museums

15 minutes walking

From Basilica del Voto Nacional

35 minutes away

From Airport

San Marcos

Our hotel is nestled in the neighborhood of San Marcos, on one the historic center’s most dynamic and traditional streets: calle Junín. For generations, San Marcos has been home to a dynamic community of writers, artists, and musicians, and its present day charm owes much to the tight-knit community of residents. Neighbors still greet each other in the street, stopping by in the plaza to chat on a warm evening.

Here you can find hand-carved, traditional wooden toys made by a local craftsman, try maracuyá or taxo sold by a local fruit vendor, or simply walk around and let the street’s bright, well-conserved architecture teach you the history of the city.