The Disrupted Difference: working in vs working for?

Surfing on the web, I came across a wonderful post from The What that inspired us to write this. Chef Alejandro Chamorro was interviewed and it was his passion and way of narrating that left me speechless.

“Nowadays what’s exciting to me is to be a restaurant in a hotel, not a hotel restaurant. You know, it’s different because it’s two families that are colliding in one dream. They are the best at running a hotel and I have to be the best in the restaurant.” – Alejandro Chamorro

Alejandro refers to working at Illa as if he and Illa were one, and without a doubt we cannot contradict him. Both Illa Experience Hotel and Chef Alejandro are families that work based on love.

Ok, so working for?
Have you ever noticed someone’s answer when you ask them for their job? I have. The answer is usually structured like this: ”Oh, I work for X company” or ”I work for this Y person”. At first, I thought this was a common answer to a simple question. However when I started to reflect upon this, I realized that this working for somehow took the originality, authenticity and beauty of the action of working.

Then what is the difference with working in? What do you mean?
Well, when we work in, we are working for a goal in ease, in peace, in mind, in bliss, in awareness and in community. Since we are working in our goal we work with passion, love and effort. The beauty behind this is that we think no one is below nor above us because we are all equal, capable and we are all key players in our dream.

Don’t you think that when we think about it, the difference is as disrupted and clear as never before?

Special thanks to: The What: Meet the Perennials

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