Colors with meaning at Illa

Colors play such a vital and important role in the world that we live in. The society that surrounds us nowadays has become so monotonous and so flat that it is sometimes very hard to stop and sense what really is around us. Not the building for instance but the person walking past me. 
In a life full of so much color, how can we let our days turn into black and white tapes going on repeat? That is why, we want to take the opportunity to talk about the importance of colors for us at Illa.
As you might have already read in our previous posts, Illa is a project that was born with a soul and with character. Hence, when we talk about Illa we do not refer to it as a hotel but as a person, because that is what Illa indeed is. 
From the very beginning, we have wanted to illa to transmit what we were able to sense on the very first day that we saw her. It was an air of peace and tranquility what we felt. However it was not all perceived by the colors that surrounded illa at that time.
As time passed, and we started to discover more about Illa as if we were peeling the skin of an onion, it had more and more layers. Each layer that we saw coming off from Illa was a phase of Illa. It started off as tattoo posters, that reflected indeed the time of confusion and uncertainty for Illa until the days that we found it. Other layers were plain bright colors, that could have indeed represented a really charismatic phase from Illa.
However, when we reached the end we saw a beautiful color. It was like looking at perfection, we were seeing the color that transmitted us all of that peace, calmness and tranquility that we felt from the moment that we stepped foot in the house.
So there it was, a light blue-ish green color. Some say it takes them to the ocean, others to heaven, while we say it takes us to „home“. Having that color transmitted the sensation and feeling of belonging, and isn’t that what we all want to feel everyday?
For us at Illa it is extremely important to keep the harmony, integrity and essence of a real home. For that reason, we have decided to use colors that portray that happiness and stillness that we all felt. Rose, light beige, white and bone cream are some of the colors that will surround you at Illa.
They might indeed sound simple, but are they really? I do not think so. In fact I strongly believe that the most simple things in life are the ones that will last because they are unique, humble and appealing to the eye but most important to the heart.
So, when are you visiting us to share your story with us about the color journey around Illa?

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