San Marcos is the artistic neighborhood of Quito. It is in walking distance from the Santo Domingo Church in the city center. This district is very rich in architecture, history, and traditionalism.
The barrio dates from the late 16th century, and since then it sets the tone. For instance, it wasn´t common to see Spaniards, indigenous and mestizos living together. Yet, San Marcos was the only place where this strange condition happened in that period.
Since the beginning, this district was the home of many artists. That´s why the streets and houses have a colorful touch kept until the present days.
Many important figures lived in San Marcos. Manuela Saenz, an important figure of the Ecuador Independence process was one of them. In the present, her house is a museum looking to bring visitors into the Ecuadorian history.
But, this one isn´t the only museum in the sector. There are other interesting places that enhance the barrio lifestyle. One of them is the Watercolor Museum with the collection of recognized watercolorist from Ecuador and the world. Other things to do or visit in San Marcos are:

• The House of Dance
• The Architecture Museum
• The beautiful Parish Church
• The Santa Catalina Convent with its own medicine shop
• Or the luxurious restaurants of Quito called Octava the Corpus.

San Marcos is enhancing the beauty of the ancient periods while the family’s routine is followed by the families of the neighborhood. In fact, one of the enchanting aspects of this barrio is that is one of the few residential areas in the historic downtown. Also, many small traditional shops and workshops still keep their traditional essences.
With the aim to bring this artistic air and traditionalism of San Marcos to the guests, the Illa Hotel Boutique is its mansion´s door.