The Experience Hotel

Not all hotels are made equal. In short you could say it is a place to spend the night, for a price, and the level of comfort is usually highly related to the cost of the room. Over the years any types of hotels have been developed to serve the needs of various travel segments. There are corporate hotels, catering to business people. Boutique hotels, meaning a hotel with charm and smaller in size – usually – not part of a chain. Concept hotels, focusing on a particular theme…

An Experience hotel is a hotel created for the senses, at an Experience hotel, a guest should be able to see, feel, smell, listen, and hear the location and feel part of the place they are visiting. It should awaken passion, emotions and be the link that immerses guests into a place and takes them away from their everyday routine, it gives them the possibility to transform and learn or just enjoy the beauty of being part of the local culture and life.

So again, what is an experience hotel?

At ILLA, the owners Jaime and Yolanda’s goal was to provide the most authentic local experience in Quito. Of course, their foremost mission was to be the best hotel in the city, additionally being passionate Quiteños (residents of Quito) Jaime and Yolanda decided ILLA would be the top experience during their guest’s visit.

With this task in mind, they decided to create an experience hotel and in their own words this meant:

  • Each night there is a local experience at the hotel, between 5-6 pm. These will be authentic, carefully curated local activities that will allow hotel guests to immerse themselves in the unique culture of Quito.
  • An experience hotel is like sleeping at your grandma’s house. Soft embroidered linens that pamper the guest and allow for a good night’s sleep with the added nostalgia of Grandma’s place.
  • Friendly staff that are committed to sharing the uniqueness of Quito and the historic San Marcos neighborhood, like your cousin showing you around his hometown and introducing you to all his friends.
  • Spacious and elegantly decorated luxury rooms and suites, each privately designed with local art, everything you would expect of a 5 star room. Suites offer some of the best views of the city.
  • ILLA means “sacred light” in Quechua. The hotel is a project from the heart and is aimed to being a blessing for those who work there, those who visit and a desire to return for those who have left. ILLA will be an eye opener and a trend setter in what a local experience should be for visitors.
  • At ILLA guests will find local art, handmade rugs, furniture crafted by artisans, tiled floors that are hand molded – every detail will showcase the culture of Quito.
  • The San Marcos neighborhood is one of the most iconic districts of historic Quito and is part of the ILLA experience, where the local community will welcome guests and share their traditions and culture with open arms.
  • ILLA hotel will host the restaurant NUEMA. Nuema is consistently rated as one of the top 5 restaurants in Quito. What makes this restaurant special is the couple that run it, Pia and Alejandro, both are veterans from Astrid & Gaston in Lima and Alejandro just returned from a 1 year internship at Noma in Denmark. The food is farm to table and is a collection of author recipes.”

An experience hotel not only offers experiences, including your stay at the hotel – the city of Quito is innovative and offers visitors many activities which allow interaction with locals. These include making Chocolate truffles, baking local pastries, restoration of colonial art and much more. ILLA makes these experiences readily available to guests.

We recognize that the ILLA is the first experience hotel anywhere. We congratulate Jaime and Yoland for breaking boundaries and inventing a new concept in the hotel industry.